talking about language(s) is fun. also, there is no word for 'kitten' in korean? :(. Harbert sent me and Recipient List Suppressed a blurb on Ling (Engl) 347--Topics in the History of English (Topic: Early Middle English as a Linguistic Watershed). it looks shiny :( and i want to take it but i have too many classes and arr :(
...syntactic differences such as the loss of verb-final order, the loss of postverbal subjects, the development of do-support and a category of modals which is syntactically distinct from other verbs, changes in the syntax of passive and 'impersonal' constructions and so on...
and also the "hey i understand those words and ideas" and hay language.

there are doublemany frowning faces in this entry, but they're, uh, vaguely manic frowns?. i'm sleepy.
Because I find myself magically sleepless,

here's a short (~43s) clip encompassing the climax of the "libera me" section of the verdi requiem.

and, uh, the userpic is because.

also, i miss a sally. her whispers wake the wind with fireflies.

"fiber"- in the dietary sense- is "ballaststoffen" in German-- literally "ballast-stuff."

that's almost as good as "hydrogen" -> "wasserstoff" -> "water-stuff."
We use Maths at almost every point of the day-- whether we're working out how to thread our shoelaces, calculating the optimal moment at which to embark upon a conversation, or, if you can fly, planning your trajectory for the journey to work. But some situations require a much more thorough application of maths...

.. Oh man. more.
.―. i accidentally bememèd myself;


el )

.. also, my leg feels like eight or fifty small snakes are rapaciously gnawing on it. I think maybe I should actually make another doctor's appointment.
.. ^^;

that took me a couple of seconds, but. arr.
so three cheers for skipping more phonology, but I'm unsimilar in autonomy when it comes to choosing between Going or Disgoing to Work. because disgo is dead ._. and it's the sarmatians what done it. damn murderers and their angry sighs.
err so I accidentally locked my hoodie and umbrella in the browsing library and dropped my keys in the drop box and had to walk 15-ish minutes to my dorm in t-shirt and jeans in 32°F (~0°C) weather. oops.

but! [ profile] _onlymydreams visited and brought chocolate :D and there was a "faculty fireside chat" during my 8-11pm shift about sciences and philosophies and and also there were cookies :D so i can pretend that it all worked out fine in the end.

I think my legs are damaged somehow [epidermally]. they feel like someone swabbed them with a generous coating of some burning acidic chemical. I guess it's just my skin continuing to [be weird // heal]. and walking in justaboutfreezing conditions probably didn't help that very much.

also, i feel sort of like throwing up and crying, but that's just sleepdep and skinpain and headache talking, so we'll Lock Them In The Coffee Box1, take [a] painkiller[s], get [essay] done, and go to bed.

1 i'm not sure whence that phrase comes, but it sounds acceptable, so I'll Accept It. also, i don't drink coffee [much at all but sometimes a cappuccino is okay].
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.. mm. Writing short essays is actually sort of difficult now. I'm supposed to frame the "make English the official US language" debate and respond to it and whatnot while not exceeding three pages double-spaced; I'd rather spent at least five pages developing something a bit more eloquent, and indeed, this is a topic broad enough and with a deep enough history that one could, with sufficient time and resources, write an entire book on it. Then again, all I reallly have so far is this, ) but.. mm; I'm sleepy [despite a four-point-five hour nap and like eight quantum-hats1 of caffeine].

1 I'm not sure of what that is a unit of measurement, but I do know that I want it formally established pretty much right away. Then an abbreviation "Q-hats" could be proposed. Wait, when did I mention Q*Bert? Ah, wait, during Glee Club [months ago], when the conductor was talking about terraced dynamics and showing hand-heights at different levels and saying that we had to jump from one level to the next, and I was all, "So,.. like in Q*Bert?" and people were all "omg STFU n00b." Which also kind of happened during History of the English Language [today] when I guessed that "the AOL language?" was the fastest-growing foreign language in America. eh.
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in wednesday's nytimes, there was definitely a full-page, full-colour ad for the US national guard which prominently said 'repared' instead of 'prepared.' I thought I saved it, but it turns out I only have thursday's issue; Does anyone have the wednesday issue?

I've never knowingly experienced heartburn; I wonder whether that's what I'm dealing with?.. Ever since my episode with the iced tea this morning, I've been having periodic pain in the same upper-digestive-spot that was hurt this morning. I can't seem to pin down a specific cause of the recurrences of pain; sometimes they happen when I swallow something, but not always, and often, they occur when I'm just sitting around or walking somewhere or whatever. I hope that a night's rest will heal it.

also, "aqualung" has just about the best harmonic motion ever during its first minute or so.


"Pox! Pox!" the soprano yells shrilly.
"A pox on me," the bass jovially agrees.
"Oh?" the tenor says, confused[, just as one expects tenors to beOSNAP].
it's all in the [bach]. rly rly.

I had an interesting experience when I first woke up--

I tried to gulp down some iced tea because I was feeling parched, but about two seconds after I started gulping, an intense pain suddenly blossomed in my mid-torso. I doubled over in surprise and all of the iced tea I had just tried to drink just kind of rolled back out of my mouth. I could be completely wrong, but my guess is that the lower esophageal sphincter failed to open, effectively trapping all of the liquid in my esophagus [rather than allowing it to enter my stomach]. The first gulp or two caused no pain because the pressure was minimal, but as more liquid filled the esophagus and the gravitational pressure exerted on the lower portion of the pocket of liquid increased, the walls of the esophagus were suddenly placed under significantly more pressure than normal. This increase in pressure- as though a balloon were being inflated in my esophagus- caused sudden sharp pain, and when I doubled over, as the liquid was simply sitting in my esophagus, nothing prevented it from flowing right back out through my mouth.

All in all, quite an interesting way in which to wake up. I'm able to drink things normally now, and all of the pain has subsided over the past twenty minutes or so, so I guess I'm not going to, y'know, die or anything, but I think I might have to issue a demerit to my upper digestive system.


I'm still sick; no magical "everything clearing up overnight" happenings.
so i'm finding the (infinite?)-nestibility of <sup> and <sub> to be inordinately pleasing. )

when i tried to pre-enroll this morning-
which was the earliest possible time for me-
CHIN 101 was already full.

i sent off a two-or-three-ish paragraph waiting-list-request e-mail to the instructor basically saying "OMGWTF I HAVE LIKE SEVEN REASONS TO BE IN THIS COURSE LET ME IN PLZ KTHX," so we'll see how that develops.

so I am now- as the crow flies- registered to this, but that's doubleplusunoptimal.

and the [startlingly-quick] development-- )
mm. So this has definitely been spring cleaning in a computer-sense. I've gone from using roughly 97% of my total hard-drive capacity to using just 69%, I've cleared up a hell of a lot of old, unused, ~10MB-type programs, I've resorted my [start]-menu hierarchy, I've streamlined my quicklaunch [net change of -4, to a total of 20 icons], and I've remapped my virtual memory-- I had a 1.75GB swap file on my smaller [master] drive, for some reason, so I purged that and assigned a 2.5GB swap file on my larger [slave] drive. And of course, I also did msconfig-meddling to carve out any autolaunch leech-things that apps like Quicktime had installed over the past couple of months since last I smoked them out of their tickybox homes.


I have the curious feeling that I'm supposed to be somewhere, doing something-or-other. But I'm plagued, so I guess that even if there is something I'm forgetting about, I probably wouldn't have gone to it, anyway.

I actually feel a lot like going to see a movie, but I doubt there's anything worthwhile out right now, and I've plenty of unwatched//unread//unlistened-to media within easy reach, anyway.



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