since approximately 5am50,
it's sounded like this outside

c.C i want sleep
earlier today,
during quiet hours,
while I lay in bed,
having prominently posted "Taking a Nap" on my door,

wall: *thud thud thud thud*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
bill: :\
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
bill: *knockknockknockknockknock*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
bill: *knockknockknockknockknock*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
bill: *knockknockknockknockknock*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
bill: o_0
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
bill: ...
wall: *thud thud thud thud*
bill: ._.
wall: *thud thud thud thud*


It was orgasmically silent when I posted that poll earlier (my suitemates were out to dinner), but right now, things are loud enough that I hear thudding plus the screech-whistles and flayed-guitars and all that. There are at least two songs being played simultaneously.

(And it's quiet hours again, by the way.)

I know I complain about this all the time, but.. eh. although I usually just try to ignore all the disturbances, I've lately become somewhat more reactionary- doing things like the knocking-on-the-wall thing- but it's been to no significant effect (just like how asking people to turn down music usually does very little). I'm not entirely sure what to do about this. I'm not a confrontational sort of duck.
I was awoken around 3 AM by my suitemates throwing a basketball against my door and chortlingly debating whether I was inside or off studying somewhere. (at least, that's what it sounded like they were saying; a lot was muffled or mutually drowned-out.) I decided to ignore them, and they went away eventually.

(and I should note that I didn't get out of bed to look through the peep-hole, so I don't know who all exactly was there.)

I was re-awoken around 9 AM by thudmusics. Yeah, four cheers for subwoofers and not-using-headphones-early-in-the-morning.

so, uh. Six out of a planned ten unbroken hours. that's, well,. feh.

so. brunch time. plus review sessions for calc and trying to finish a term paper.
If I can barely hear someone's techno, but it's causing my ears to feel acute pains which line up with the beats, might that indicate that their speakers are giving output on non-audible frequencies? hrm. enough noise-talk.

I'll be enlaptopped1 soon, which will make working in the library easier. I refuse to write out book-notes or essays by hand (not like I'd even be able to read them if I did) so most of my library-work tends to be problem sets or reading.


For my [[Marx, Nietzsche, Freud]] writing seminar, I was floundering without a solid idea for my term paper, but last night, Teh Seer-Bashin Into-Gebreatheds inspiration (of the "that-which-caught-my-eye" sort) set me going--

Crime and Punishment

Written before relevant texts by Nietzsche and Freud, yet uses extremely Freudian ideas to critique extremely Nietzschean ideas. Der Writingseminarinstructor seemed happy--
Bill- This sounds like a wonderful idea. Go for it! I am excited to see how it turns out and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or run into any problems.

best, Sean.
If I had a floofy hat, I'd completely gift it to Dostoevsky right about now.

..rrrm. Being here in the dorm is making me angry. I think I may run off to a library.

1 Footnote footnote footnote, I made you out of clay
notyourbroom: (confuse a cat)
hmm. I'm not sure why, but according to my apache logs, my in-dorm-room desktop machine decided to access its own webserver and flip through my /gallery2/ stuff while i was a twelve-minute walk away, sitting in calculus.


I'd left my door unlocked, but even if I could imagine someone sitting down and mucking with my computer, I couldn't quite imagine them finding it worth their while to flip through my publically-available gallery...


I think I'll be more on-the-ball with door-locking from now on, though, just to be safe.

annoying, grating things are happening here,
and otherpeople-whom-i-care-about are having problems,
and .. things ._.

intense frustration//anger.

I'm quite sick of this dorm situation. And, well, other things that aren't exactly as I'd envisioned.
... most socially active college students drink ... We go out on the nights that aren't spent at Uris Library and party hard. Okay, maybe not all Cornell students [binge drink]. There definitely are those who prefer a quiet night in front of the television to downing warm beers at a frat party. ... Cornell students take drinking to the extreme. We consume alcohol with the intention of getting drunk, not purely as a recreational activity. ... A heavy workload leads to heavy binge drinking.
- Naomi Goldin '07, "Binges and Blackouts," The Cornell Daily Sun, 11/15/05; note that she does not speak out against these 'binges and blackouts,' but practically celebrates them, saying that all the intervention programs in the world are powerless to have any effect, so HAY LETS GET WASTED EVEN THOUGH ITS KINDA DUMB YAY

so. that article doesn't help things any. Buncha dipsomaniacs and TV-watchers we are. yeah. way to develop those capacities that, y'know, supposedly enabled you to gain admission here in the first place.


After my body-mind class, I went wandering, as I usually do. Rather than following a country road away from campus, I headed over to Central and walked along the slope. I decided to pick up whatever litter I encountered, because people who litter deserve paper-clip-powered vivisections.

This went fine for about ten minutes, but then I was too encumbered to pick anything else up. I had two styrofoam takeout containers, three empty disposable cups, two water bottles (I had to dump one still-full one out), an empty soda can, two empty beer cans, one unopened beer can (which I left unopened and threw away), three plastic bags (which I would have used for trash-storage if they hadn't been ripped up), and several scraps of paper, including some sort of MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET which was filled out for a HAZARDOUS COMPONENT of Sodium hypochlorite, 5.25% by wt.

A bone-crunchingly-loud sound of innumerable glass bottles crashing against one another just shocked through my door, followed by wild, most-likely-drunken laughter.

it's fucking tuesday night. I have six classes tomorrow. what the fuck is this.

AH JOY, the techno is back! I've already complained twice tonight and posted a big "SLEEPING" message on my door.

argh ._.

edit, 11pm47: since this was posted at 11pm23, there has been...

- quite a lot of yelling-- some angry, some laughing.
- incessant techno.
- more shattering-glass-noises.

edit, 12am28: it's still fucking loud;
Techno is Bad For You.


After classes, I decided to take a nap.
I set my cell-phone-alarm.

After classes, [suitemates] wanted to play techno.
and "could you turn that down a little, please?" is effective as a dead frog.

so I jammed in earplugs.
(which is hardly perfect, but I was damn tired.)


So uh, yeah. Five hours later, I've long slept through my 5pm30 alarm, thanks to my earplugs (I wonder how long my cell-alarm warbled?) and missed dinner. And right now, I'm missing my roteract meeting, too.. eh.

I mean, on one hand, Yay Free Sleep... but still.

It's especially amusing that my cell phone didn't wake me up, as the only reason I use that for an alarm rather than my actual alarm clock is that my alarm clock is loud enough to be heard outside of my room, and I try to be courteous about that sort of thing. Three cheers for shooting yourself in the foot.

paradoxically overwhelmed with an "I need a weekend" theory,
(..wait, I meant to say "feeling")-

i think I just need sleep, mostly.
i'm tired of dorm-noises and thud-musics.

it's quiet right now,
but that's a recent development;

I can't really nap during the day,
because my suitemates run, jump, swim, and play loud noises.

(my earplugs, which work for most situations, fail at the 'sleep aid' game, because when my ear is pressed to the pillow, it picks up the low subwoofered thuds regardless.)




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