Apr. 24th, 2006

notyourbroom: (confuse a cat)
.. mm. Writing short essays is actually sort of difficult now. I'm supposed to frame the "make English the official US language" debate and respond to it and whatnot while not exceeding three pages double-spaced; I'd rather spent at least five pages developing something a bit more eloquent, and indeed, this is a topic broad enough and with a deep enough history that one could, with sufficient time and resources, write an entire book on it. Then again, all I reallly have so far is this, ) but.. mm; I'm sleepy [despite a four-point-five hour nap and like eight quantum-hats1 of caffeine].

1 I'm not sure of what that is a unit of measurement, but I do know that I want it formally established pretty much right away. Then an abbreviation "Q-hats" could be proposed. Wait, when did I mention Q*Bert? Ah, wait, during Glee Club [months ago], when the conductor was talking about terraced dynamics and showing hand-heights at different levels and saying that we had to jump from one level to the next, and I was all, "So,.. like in Q*Bert?" and people were all "omg STFU n00b." Which also kind of happened during History of the English Language [today] when I guessed that "the AOL language?" was the fastest-growing foreign language in America. eh.



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