hey, that was a day. i've heard about those.


just kidding
I'd been looking forward to that- the FCAHS winter choral concert-

there were awkward bits,
(as Awkward sticks to me like rice to a draggy lobster,)
but i knew people, and people knew me, and they were nice about it.

and there was some Palestrina :D
imitative polyphony pretty much for the win.
no wonder there are so many italians.
this is full of seriousness

Which is the most-likely-used term in this situation?

[Poll #599474]

the careful reader will note the ethnocentric bias of the situation
with its doubleƫmphasis on ownership,
including both a non-communal 'house' and presumably
a private motor-vehicle parked outside

not that it has much to do with anything

edit: word-spoilers!

"ransack" comes from middle english "ransaken", from old norse-icelandic "rannsaka".

"rann" means house. "-saka," a cognate with modern english "seek," means "to seek or to search for something."

But of course, when the iberian rainbow ninjas when the vikings came a-prancing 'round the countrytop with their bootstraps and their lootsacks and their bikeracks, the locals maliciously interpreted these wide-eyed, innocent "house-seekings" as acts of war, and so said some very unnice and hurtful things to those wily, whisker-chinned norsemen. The norsemen, only wanting to run about and rub the britons on their fluffy heads, and not knowing their own strength, accidentally killed many, many of these meanspirited island-folk who squirmed and nibbled like scalded rabbits when pet by those ruddy, sea-seasoned hands. And that's the story of how you were born. Go to sleep now, dear.
when once the sun

in the west,
i shall construct the Library
of Loud, Loud Noises


Meet me there.


and since I probably should have given elucidation when t'was due,
I'll toss an anchor out to this.
man. the laundry room is brutal today.

[there are] students camped out in savage settlements, clawing [other people's] loads of laundry from the machines as soon as the cycles finish... tossing clumps of clothing haphazardly into corners, herds of forgotten socks rotting on the floor like dead, vacuumed rats...

complete bellum omnium contra omnes. hobbes must be killing kittens in his casket right now. well, not that i blame him. i guess there wouldn't be much else to do, anyway.

I'm lucky enough to have two loads in dryers and one wet load collecting grime on a dusty shelf.

I inadvertantly learned a trick, though--

if you double-pay at the dryer, you can make it double the time.

This effectively reserves the dryer for two of your loads, since no one will be crazy enough to {stop a dryer mid-cycle, dispose of the clothing within, and then use the remainder of someone else's paid time for their own load}. So you're free to mosey on down once half your dryer-time is up, take out your first load, replace it with a second, and re-start the cycle. No real chance of machine-takeover. I approve.



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