[23:08] TheIvoryMinstrel: I stayed home today
[23:08] TheIvoryMinstrel: To try to find a way to resolve free will with God's omniscience.
[23:08] TheIvoryMinstrel: Can't get a doctor's note for that, unfortunately.

my ankles, right foot, and left knee deserve to be shot for cowardice in the face of continual inelastic collisions. to walk is an interesting voyage.

I took a bus this morning- for the first morning in many moons days- thanks to the "legs dysoperable" feature. When I sat down, my elbow caught on some sort of sharp, jutting ledge, which stung like hell, but didn't seem very considerable. It wasn't until ten-ish minutes later, when I took my coat off in class, that I saw that my elbow had actually gotten hurted. )

but i must now to oberon,
by which i mean Take A Damn Nap
edit: six-hour nap? Thanks, Oberon!

And now, my elbow is nonswollen and mended, albeit with some discoloration. Except that since I slept that whole time, consciously, it feel like only twenty or so minutes have passed. that's a pretty cool thing.
since approximately 5am50,
it's sounded like this outside

c.C i want sleep

paradoxically overwhelmed with an "I need a weekend" theory,
(..wait, I meant to say "feeling")-

i think I just need sleep, mostly.
i'm tired of dorm-noises and thud-musics.

it's quiet right now,
but that's a recent development;

I can't really nap during the day,
because my suitemates run, jump, swim, and play loud noises.

(my earplugs, which work for most situations, fail at the 'sleep aid' game, because when my ear is pressed to the pillow, it picks up the low subwoofered thuds regardless.)

notyourbroom: (omgwtfbbqcoffee)
in order to remember your dreams
  1. wake up at 8am30
  2. eat some galaxy-eggs
  3. i meant to say "on a saturday" for the first one
  4. where are my NoDoz
  5. where are they.
lh, znd gf ylp stgll czn't rrmrmbrr ylpr drrzms, ylp'rr plssgbly skgppgng z strp lr sl.



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