Feb. 28th, 2006

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interesting (though slightly dated) article on the trade deficit and a possible mechanism by which to bring imports and exports into equilibrium

So if this policy would work as expected, exports would increase and imports would decrease and meet somewhere in the middle. To an American consumer, this is equivalent to a cut in supply from both domestic and foreign sources; prices would definitely go up across the board unless consumer demand is reduced. I guess my concern would be whether the effect would be primarily progressive (proportionally higher price-hikes for luxury goods) or regressive (proportionally higher price-hikes for basic necessities)... I have a feeling that it would be mostly progressive, but who knows.


Bill from the internet. i should probably fix that.
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Today has been a strange/frustrating day. arr. my brain keeps .. doing things. but-- I solved a pretty difficult phonology problem, so that's a good idea. just need to spend a few hours typing that ratty trapsnapper up and homework-for-Thursday will be done.

it's (significantly) cheaper to buy a 2L soda than it is to buy a ~12oz frappuccino. huh.

i'm craving scifi a lot lately. i keep downloading and watching star trek movies. which is unusual.

An exact fall of waters has rendered me impotent.
I've been asleep in a bower of dead skin.
This salt can't warm a stone.
These lazy ashes.

also listening to 16-bit RPG overland-map music. like, when I walk places. what am i {always, sometimes, never}. also, my [right] ankle stopped playing with the others.

What falls away is always. And is near.

Χkkh. i'm sorry to annoy.



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