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idea: when I wish to speak with someone,
but they are currently speaking to someone else,
I shall hail them by interjecting "Fukui-san!".

also, I just looked at my Tags list,
and wtk.
notyourbroom: (confuse a cat)
John promised you much cargo more than 60 years ago, and none has come,” I point out. “So why do you keep faith with him? Why do you still believe in him?”

Chief Isaac shoots me an amused look. “You Christians have been waiting 2,000 years for Jesus to return to earth,” he says, “and you haven’t given up hope.”
I seem to suck at photography unless I'm alone and taking pictures of natural things. Virtually every shot I took in DC and New York came out horrible. (So I've omitted almost all of those.)

piktors )

so besides all that,
i seem to be digesting some pasty muck of panic,
and I feel like I've not been here before.

these bats are hollow, though, and passably shuttered to ceiling when words will them.

I had a dream that I had a rectangular-prism block of sorts in my pocket.
On each long side were written two lines of a poem.
I can't remember any of it, unfortunately, but it began by dipping one's emotions in a sort of marshy agitation and ended with an immensely cathartic, uplifting couplet.

it was actually similar to what a lot of prog rock epics do near their endings [reaching, after twenty-some minutes, some bit about the ocean or the sun or a seed growing or being home or being whole]--

example 1 [save as], example 2 [save as]

yeah, I don't know. ramble ramble.
well, that was a nice 11 hours nominally spent doing a nominally 4.5-hour final. mm.

five pages, plus a title page. because i'm fupduck like that. YAYE METATHESIS

choice quotes:

"A cow's tail is worth more than the other parts."

"Plinius, the Mighty Leech, recommends this oily bumble-bee soot most highly."

"All her thoughts, night and day, were fixed on devising some outrage,
Some calamitous act of murder, to wrest from him his heritage."

"1 The Venerable Bede is credited with the invention of the footnote."

BUT! it's okay, because I'm never seeing this professor again pretty much half of my classes will be taught by this professor next semester.

ah, [ profile] ivoryminstrel did her whole "waking-up-early-and-logging-on" routine, but then logged off before I could harass her. so it goes.



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