2006-02-27 12:45 am
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The muscles in the back of my neck feel terribly weak and sore for some reason. I'm not even all that tired, but it's becoming difficult to keep my head up, literally speaking.


About 30% done with my history of the english language problemset, and (not including tea-making breaks and such) I've been working on it for about 2.5 hours. This might be one of those up-all-night games, but at least I have about 8.5 hours until it's due, so :/. Time to crank up the Vivaldi, as the saying goes.

well. Warm feelings, regardless. There're a few more components to contentment than just rustling fugues, green tea, and sun-warmed words, I think.
notyourbroom: (confuse a cat)
2006-02-14 06:17 pm

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John promised you much cargo more than 60 years ago, and none has come,” I point out. “So why do you keep faith with him? Why do you still believe in him?”

Chief Isaac shoots me an amused look. “You Christians have been waiting 2,000 years for Jesus to return to earth,” he says, “and you haven’t given up hope.”
2005-12-21 11:35 pm

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hey, that was a day. i've heard about those.


just kidding
I'd been looking forward to that- the FCAHS winter choral concert-

there were awkward bits,
(as Awkward sticks to me like rice to a draggy lobster,)
but i knew people, and people knew me, and they were nice about it.

and there was some Palestrina :D
imitative polyphony pretty much for the win.
no wonder there are so many italians.
2005-11-12 02:08 pm
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It won't die. )
2005-11-03 11:31 am

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The Grasses Cry Defiance -
Their shriek enShocks the spine -

New Bliss -
Bladeless -

Quetzalcoatl Caught Alive! -
Wade the Tide of Ritual
with Beating Heart and Blood! -

Flood the Eye with Images,
Bend the Ear with Sound,
Sanctify the Shivering -
(Writhe Soft upon this ground) -

A chilly, blinded Radiance -
Contortion Come Refined -

the grasses sigh to silence,
And Every Note is Mine.

2005-10-25 06:07 pm

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Ah, I'd forgotten about this. )

It's a wave cresting,
Breaking on the beach,
And receeding.

It's illustrated beautifully in the meter.

May your time be / filled with relaxing
 ^   -    ^   -      ^     -    - ^  -

sunsets / cool drinks
 ^  ^      ^     ^

and sand between / your toes.
 -   ^   -  ^       -    ^
It's so great:

^ -  ^ -  ^ - -  ^ -
^ ^  ^ ^
- ^  - ^  - ^
Trochee Trochee Dactyl Trochee
Spondee... Spondee...
Iamb Iamb Iamb.
2005-10-25 12:59 am
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In Jellystone did Yogi Bear
A stately picnic-spread espy:
Where Smith, the wary Ranger sat
With rifle and his cowboy hat
    And sweets in great supply.

I guess today wasn't so bad.
2005-10-16 05:35 pm

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man. the laundry room is brutal today.

[there are] students camped out in savage settlements, clawing [other people's] loads of laundry from the machines as soon as the cycles finish... tossing clumps of clothing haphazardly into corners, herds of forgotten socks rotting on the floor like dead, vacuumed rats...

complete bellum omnium contra omnes. hobbes must be killing kittens in his casket right now. well, not that i blame him. i guess there wouldn't be much else to do, anyway.

I'm lucky enough to have two loads in dryers and one wet load collecting grime on a dusty shelf.

I inadvertantly learned a trick, though--

if you double-pay at the dryer, you can make it double the time.

This effectively reserves the dryer for two of your loads, since no one will be crazy enough to {stop a dryer mid-cycle, dispose of the clothing within, and then use the remainder of someone else's paid time for their own load}. So you're free to mosey on down once half your dryer-time is up, take out your first load, replace it with a second, and re-start the cycle. No real chance of machine-takeover. I approve.
2005-10-06 12:16 pm

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The blanket was cold, but the wind was warm. Silence stretched like a lazy hammock through the spicy air between the maples.

"so. who needs homework?"

"not I," said the half-checkerboarded circus. "In our land, such a thing has never been."

They sat awhile, listening as the blushing leaves giggled, and realized this was indeed the truth of the matter.