Oct. 30th, 2006


I've spent the past one-and-a-half hours trying to work out my graduation requirements. I've been drawing up a spreadsheet that so far has 21 columns and 28 rows [available here for the morbidly curious], but there are so many damn exceptions and qualifiers to the Arts & Sciences rules (not to mention the alterations made by the fact that I'm a Linguistics major) that a spreadsheet really isn't sufficient. mrr.

Some rough conclusions--
  • Good News
    • I'm doing very, very well in fulfilling the course requirements of my major. If I successfully complete my courses this semester and next semester, I'll only need to finish three more courses to fulfill Linguistics requirements.
    • My language requirement for both A&S and Linguistics will be fulfilled by the time I finish Chin 102 next semester.
  • Bad News
    • I need to hit my distribution requirements very hard. I'm behind on filling those.
    • My "number of courses" is below where it should be right now, mostly due to the light semester I took this past Spring.

I think my schedule for next semester will look something [like this]. I'll have a hard time getting from class to class on time, and it'll be a difficult semester in general, but it should work.

If I really can't make it work, I'll probably drop Typology (the blue course) because (a) I'm so far ahead on course requirements, so it's able to be pushed back a semester or two and (b) it would eliminate most of my running-between-classes problem.

ah, sleepiness. and I need to study for syntax.



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