cornell's school colors are red et white
and so are canada's

cornell's umbrellas are red et white
and so are canada's _

so I have this hilarious time wandering around
with a canadian umbrella
and almost blending in, except

AND: now people think that i'm from canada,
which is even better.
plus five1.

1 p.s. i miss sally.
err so I accidentally locked my hoodie and umbrella in the browsing library and dropped my keys in the drop box and had to walk 15-ish minutes to my dorm in t-shirt and jeans in 32°F (~0°C) weather. oops.

but! [ profile] _onlymydreams visited and brought chocolate :D and there was a "faculty fireside chat" during my 8-11pm shift about sciences and philosophies and and also there were cookies :D so i can pretend that it all worked out fine in the end.

I think my legs are damaged somehow [epidermally]. they feel like someone swabbed them with a generous coating of some burning acidic chemical. I guess it's just my skin continuing to [be weird // heal]. and walking in justaboutfreezing conditions probably didn't help that very much.

also, i feel sort of like throwing up and crying, but that's just sleepdep and skinpain and headache talking, so we'll Lock Them In The Coffee Box1, take [a] painkiller[s], get [essay] done, and go to bed.

1 i'm not sure whence that phrase comes, but it sounds acceptable, so I'll Accept It. also, i don't drink coffee [much at all but sometimes a cappuccino is okay].
this was typed last night, but not posted? mystery. )


My album of franco-flemish music arrived (finally) :DD
and also, this music-quest would not have wobbled off the starting block if [ profile] idoru hadn't helped with the giving-me-a-means-of-finding-it phase of the operation, so four cheers for her, or four-and-a-half, probably, if you're not watching the conductor.

Also, a camus-book. mmm.
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vague thought--

It's strange, I think, that all of the albums I might juggle about as 'best album' (dsotm, revolver, abbey road, ... I could add a few others) aren't quite classifiable prog rock, though they all have features relevant to the genre.

Also, I continue to be somewhat obsessed with the Vivaldi Gloria in D Major. I've recently put midi versions of the movements on my iPod [in addition to the mp3s] so that I can, y'know, have that feel of starkcrisp contrapunctal lines and suchforth accentuated. It's easy to lose a part here or there while listening to a recording due to the caprices of the singers, microphones, and the recording engineer/producer, but all of those variables are cut out when you're just listening to the artificial playback of a digitally-sequenced score.

and anyway,
does it really make me a bad person
if I rock out to this?

because if so, I haven't received my bad-person badge yet.
notyourbroom: (confuse a cat)
idea: when I wish to speak with someone,
but they are currently speaking to someone else,
I shall hail them by interjecting "Fukui-san!".

also, I just looked at my Tags list,
and wtk.



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