Apr. 9th, 2006


[To make a] Long story short, I have a problem-set due in [History of the English Language Since 1300] tomorrow. The completion of this problem set is fully contingent upon my use of a non-circulating, brand-new reference book in one of the libraries. Unfortunately, someone already pulled the book from the shelf and is supremely-well-hidden; I've searched around three times through the normal work-areas and can find no one who is in my class. I left a note in the book's shelf-space around 6pm40 basically requesting that whoever puts it back send me an email, and anyone who finds both the book AND the note on the shelf (i.e. if I don't get back quickly enough to get the book first upon receiving the e-mail) should leave a note saying where they'll be working so I can share the book. No one has disturbed or altered my note in any way (I would have expected other folk looking for the book to add their e-mail addresses to the note c.c) and the book's still missing, so I'm wondering whether a sizeable portion of the class is having a problemset-party somewhere in the building[-of-which-I'm-not-terribly-familiar] and I wasn't invited?


As long as I have it before midnight-ish, I should probably be alright, but as the library closes at 2am and I'm not sure how long the problem set will take, I'm starting to get a bit nervous. Also, it'd suck to again be forced into the staying-up-[almost]-all-night habit.


This croissant sucks. doublesucks. As does this iced latt['e'-with-acute-accent], actually. not at all worth ~$5.
the sky is red, the geese are blue,
the frogs are clad with oaken shoe--

edit: it's 10pm38 and I've still not come into possession of the book. Nor has my note been disturbed in any way. I've checked every return cart and even asked the information and circulation desks whether there's anywhere the book could be if not in someone's possession, on a return cart, or on the shelf. (basically: no.) so c.c Someone's been using the book for over four hours by this point. The assignment looks like it should only take about thirty minutes to do, so I'm starting to get genuinely pissed off. If someone grabbed the book, did the assignment, and then is keeping the book while they finish all of their other homework in some godforsaken corner of the library or somesuch, then i'm not going to be a happy fellow.

edit: now, it's 11pm13. I've written two new notes-- one for the book's shelf-slot and a shorter one for the return carts. (I photocopied the return-cart note to make sure all carts are posted.) This is confusing and annoying.

edit: it is 11pm47. According to the online record for the book, it is actually shelved "in atlas case", though both Harbert ("[the text] is in the non-circulating reference collection in Olin Library") and the circulations desk had at first told me otherwise. I asked where the "atlas case" was, and the woman at the circulations desk said it was in the "Maps" room, which is only open 9am-6pm, Monday to Thursday.

I was able to get the electronic supplement to the atlas, but it doesn't have the information which I need. (Or if it does, I was unable to find said information.)

So basically,... I guess I should just go back to my dorm. It doesn't look like anyone has the book here; it must be in the Maps room.



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